Commercial Storage

A world leader in steel corrugated grain storage bin manufacturing, GSI offers the strongest and heaviest gauge storage tanks in the industry with capacities up to 1.1 million bushels. GSI tank sidewall is roll-formed at the plant using up to 5 gauge, prime high tensile steel up to 70,000 PSI. The heavier 5 gauge sidewall allows us to provide taller tanks with our advanced design, compared to other manufacturers who provide 8 gauge as their maximum thickness.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, GSI’s continuous improvements in material usage, manufacturing techniques and product design have enabled us to provide durable and reliable equipment that functions well under many environmental conditions, innovations for added convenience and product flexibility, and a large and diverse selection of equipment to meet the specific storage requirements of the end user.


ROOF PANELS: The new 40-Series™ roof panels incorporate a 3’’ tall rib with over and under lap profiles ensuring a precise fit. Three bend rib profiles are also incorporated in the new design for increased strength to withstand the harshest environments.

HIGHER CAPACITY AND SUPERIOR PROTECTION: Each GSI bin is efficiently designed to handle maximum loads for unmatched strength. All GSI bins are constructed using the highest-strength steel available. Sidewall sheets are made from high-tensile steel that is rated up to 70,000 psi (450 MPa) minimum.  A commercial G-90, galvanized steel coating increases life and durability.

STIFFENERS: GSI’s stiffener profiles and the use of upto 2-gauge material make bins stronger, allowing 40-Series bins to go taller without the extensive use of lamination.  GSI’s stiffeners are manufactured on precision roll-forming equipment for superior quality. Base stiffener boots are powder-coated so they won’t rust over time.

WIND RING: Redesigned wind ring and wind ring brackets reduce bolt holes in stiffeners, resulting in increased load capacity. Swaged, bolted splice ensure 40-Series bins will endure the toughest wind conditions.

JS500 BOLTS: GSI uses JS500 bolts paired with sealing washers to protect the grain. In addition, JS500 coated hardware provides added protection from rust to ensure your grain bin stands the test of time.

BASE ANGLE: Rolled structural base angle prevents water from entering at the base of the bin for improved grain protection.

Z-TEK™ ROOF SYSTEM: GSI’s 40-Series™ grain bins feature the precision-engineered Z-Tek Roof System. Designed for increased load capacity and larger fill equipment, the system incorporates z-shaped rafters and purlins, clips, peak ring, flat top and roof panel for unsurpassed strength and protection.  Designed to handle extreme loads, the Z-Tek Roof System has been tested with loads over 112 tons.

ROOF EXHAUSTER MOUNTING LOCATION: Moving air in and out of the bin efficiently is essential.  GSI bins feature roof exhauster mounting plates near the peak for improved airflow by providing optimal separation of the intake vents and the exhausters. This allows for headspace air to be completely turned over and minimizes condensation on the bottom of the roof panels in colder climates.

FLAT TOP: High volumes of grain need to be moved quickly and efficiently. That means material handling equipment is also getting bigger, which makes a bigger flat top necessary to support heavier equipment. Integrated attachment points within the flat top eliminate guesswork on where to attach material handling equipment for more accurate assembly. An optional integrated peak walk-around is available on bins larger than 54′ diameter.

ACCESSORY MOUNTING RING: Whatever direction material-handling equipment comes in at, the accessory mounting ring gives builders a 360-degree surface to attach external equipment, simplifying the process. Available only on Z-Tek Roof Systems for all bins 54′ and larger.

PURLINS: All purlins are designed as compression purlins for even distribution of the roof load. The Z-Tek Roof System delivers an increase in peak and snow load capacities as well as a simplified design for fast installation. GSI purlins are manufactured using the latest roll-form technology to ensure the most accurate fit possible.

ROOF SHEET OVERLAP: GSI’s in-plane roof lap is designed to stop leaking by eliminating the flashing that was previously required between the upper and lower panels.

TEMPERATURE CABLE BRACKETS: GSI’s Z-Tek Roof System includes standard temperature cable attachment brackets for 54′ and larger so you don’t need to order additional parts. Temperature cables can be used on bins 48′ and smaller with the addition of optional support brackets.

BIN LADDERS: GSI high-strength ladders have roll-formed sides and stamped rungs to eliminate rung spin. Quick assembly sections are available in 48″ lengthsand feature dimpled rungs for a better grip.

PLATFORMS: An eave platform can be constructed below the manhole for your convenience when entering the bin or inspecting the roof. The platform is formed from galvanized steel and machine-stamped with a tread grip pattern.

LADDER CAGES: GSI’s ladder cages are completely galvanized and bolt directly to the prepunched sidewall ladders. The bottom of the cage has a bell section, which allows ample space while climbing the ladder.

WALK-THROUGH BIN DOORS: Walk-through doors are available on all GSI grain bins.  All inner door panels on GSI’s walk-through doors open completely. There are no horizontal bars or braces to unbolt or remove. The specially designed lever latch multiplies the inner door opening force by 20 times, so opening is quick and easy. No wrenches or tools are required to operate.

VEHICLE TRAFFIC DOOR: An optional vehicle traffic door is available when a larger opening is required or where a skid-steer loader will be used for final cleanout. The door is designed so that everything is accomplished from the outside of the bin. With no center posts to remove, it is easy for one person to open the door.  Available on 48’–135′ bins.

LADDERS: X-Series Ladders are mounted 90 degrees to the sidewall to eliminate toe hazards such as stiffeners, wind rings and other bracketry. Ladders also feature step-through platforms with swing-through gates.

STAIRS: X-Series Stairs are designed with powder-coated, round tube handrails as well as large, fully galvanized tread plates with an extruded slip-resistant pattern for maximum safety.

EAVE AND MID-ROOF WALK-AROUNDS: The eave walk-around is mounted to the sidewall with a seamless walk path when access to the manhole is required. The mid-roof walk-around goes directly underneath the roof exhausters, which allows for easy access and servicing. Available in 72’–135′ bins, eave and mid-roof walk-arounds fully integrate with other X-Series components such as ladders and stairs.

DURA-LOK FLOORING: Easy to sweep and clean, the Dura-Lok floor is the strongest floor available, making it ideal for tall bins. Supported by our monorail post-and-beam system, the Dura-Lok floor system features 3.5″ wide sections for a stronger, more stable floor.