Bullseye Fan Controller

The Bullseye Controller Monitors EMC and CEMC to run fans during storage. The Bullseye will effectively manage moisture content to eliminate shrink and maintain condition of the grain in storage, adding valuable shelf life, promoting zero bin entry to increase safety on site and improving margins. Get more out of your storage bins with AgriDry.

  • Manage Shrink
  • Maintain Quality
  • Promote Zero Bin Entry
  • Detect Hot Spots
  • Monitor Head Space Temp
  • Operate Power Roof Exhaust Fans to Keep Head Space Dry
  • Improve Shelf Life
  • Increase Profits
  • Remote Access ADLINK



Remote communication with the Bullseye Controller. Allows you to view status, change settings, graph historical data and send alerts to yourself when statuses change or a threshold is met.

 BULLSEYE BIN CONTROLLER Standard ADLink is now Included with all new controller purchases. This feature is available as an upgrade to all existing Bullseye Controllers.

On Board Static Pressure

Available option to be able to graph and view the bin’s static pressure online through ADLink as well as on the controller screen when your at the bin site.

BULLSEYE BIN CONTROLLER Available option with new controllers or as an upgrade on existing controllers. Recommended with controllers connected to ADLink.

CO2 Sensor

Available option that will read CO2 levels, head-space temperatures and relative humidity inside the grain bin.

BULLSEYE BIN CONTROLLER NEW! The CO2 sensor is a brand new product released in 2016. The CO2 sensor is available with new controllers or as a retrofit to existing controllers.

Temperature Cables

18′ 6-3 24′ 6-4 30′ 6-5
Used in bins with up to 18′ sidewall height Used in bins with up to 24′ sidewall height Used in bins with up to 30′ sidewall height
36′ 6-6 42′ 6-7 72′ 6-12
Used in bins with up to 36′ sidewall height Used in bins with up to 42′ sidewall height Used in bins with up to 72′ sidewall height

We have customized temperature cables for bins taller than 72′.